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     Charleston Palms is a palm and bamboo grower located on Johns Island South Carolina.  Growing palms from seed harvested from local palms allows our palms to be very cold hardy.  In 2008 our palms and bamboo experienced a temperature below 20 degrees at the nursery and we lost some of our weaker palms that might have done fine in a nursery in Florida. This hardening process makes our palm better acclimated for locations colder than sunny Florida.  Under the palm heading you can get information on the palms we carry.

     We are growing a unique palm to the South East called the Washingtonia Filifera (California Fan Palm). This is a cousin of the more common Washingtonia Robusta (Mexican Fan Palm). The California Fan Palm is a massive palm that is 7 degrees more cold hardy than the Mexican Fan Palm. Another common name for this palm is the desert fan palm and it is the palm that is prevalent in Palm Springs California. It is not readily available in the South East for growers shy away from the California Fan Palm as it is difficult to grow as a seedling in high humidity.  We have a large number of the California Fan palms that are being field grown and will be for sale once they get at least 6 feet tall and past the stage where they are adversely affected by high humidity.

     In addition to growing hardy palms we also grow a clumping bamboo variety called Alphonse Karr.  This bambusa multiplex stays in a clump and therefore you do not need to install a barrier to keep it from spreading like running bamboo. Alphonse Karr provides a great screen that grows 20-30 feet tall although it can be trimmed into a shorter hedge if preferred. This bamboo also can be grown inside in a sun room if desired. Below you can see the growth rate of the bamboo over a three year period. Under the bamboo heading you will find additional articles and information about Alphonse Karr. We grow only one kind of bamboo to guarantee our customers they will never receive a running variety by mistake.


         Newly planted bamboo


      Bamboo after one year of growth


         Bamboo after 3 years growth